Finally, an update !

It has been a long time since I posted to this blog, there are a couple good reasons for that. For a little over a year and a half, I was in Boulder Colorado working for Cripsin Porter + Bogusky who kept me quite busy. While there I learn so much it is crazy ! I left there to come back to Canada with my wife(finacee back then) and start a little agency called

We have been working away at that since May of 2010 and all has been going really well. It took up so much of my time that I had no time to update anything on this blog, or even on the site. That is changing now, I am making sure that I take the time to make some updates… but most, if not all of them with be done VIA the Cult Creative site. I have been going through and updating things on that site for the past week, finally taking the time to make sure that everything is working properly.

I would love it if you would check it out and let me know what you think. I will hopefully be able to start posting to the blog, the labs and the tutorials on a much more frequent basis than I ever did on here.

Here are some links for tracking down what else has been going on for the past 3 years:

Times are Changin’

Hey Everyone,

I know that it has been a while since my last post on here.  That is because work had really picked up and a couple other things changed over the past summer.  Either way, I am back now.

Here is a little recap of the past 8 months:

  • got my multi touch table working but the projector was messed up so i just left it alone and destroyed it last week
  • my girlfriend moved to Boulder in August, in January I proposed and we are now engaged
  • CP+B was great to me, but I am moving back to Canada to be with my fiancee and closer to friends and family
  • Worked on a ton of fun projects with CP+B and I am really going to miss them

That is basically it, a lot of work but also a lot of personal things have been going on.  Either way, the future is promising !! I have teamed up with a couple of individuals to put together a little agency that we are calling Cult Creative.  You can follow us on twitter @ or become a fan on Facebook @ .  We are working on the site over the next couple of weeks and updates will come for that soon.

We are on the road for the next couple weeks, my fiancee and I are heading up the west coast to take a little break from the world and enjoy ourselves a little bit.  I am sitting in Santa Fe, NM right now and we are off to somewhere in Arizona today and possibly California tomorrow.  The ultimate destination being Toronto the weekend of FITC.

Multi-Touch System with Lasers

About a month ago I decided that it was time to do something geeky, so I looked at a couple different projects that I could do and picked a multi-touch system. I didn’t want to do the standard FTIR system because it seemed like a lot of people were building them so I decided to do it with lasers. I stumbled across this tutorial and set on my way.

The first step was to do a lot of planning. How big should it be? What do I need to build it? How am I going to do something like this when I don’t know anything about the technology? Well, I decided to go ahead with it based on the list of parts that were in that tutorial plus a couple things of my own.

Once all of the parts were ordered, I decided to spec out and start building the box to house the screen and eventually the projector. Here are a couple pictures of the construction process.

Once that was built enough for me to start on the electrical aspects of the screen (and once all the parts arrived), I started on that. Cut out the corners of my acrylic and struggled with my first ever electrical circuit. Mounted the lasers in some air-drying clay and plugged it in. It worked on the first test (with a lot of little adjustments) and I have the following video to show you my first test.

There is still a lot to do with the setup, including adding the projector and a screen to touch, but it is on its way and I am very happy with it thus far. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.

thanks, marc

Ideas for New Tutorials

Hey all,
I have found in the past that I learn a lot when writing tutorials. And based on the comments that I receive, they tend to help others as well.

I am in the mood to write a couple more tutorials but I would like to take suggestions as to what to write about. A couple of ideas that I have had are the following:

Box2d Physics – a thorough introduction
Something more advanced with Papervision
How to write Pure AS, no more need for Document classes
Intro to Away 3D
something else?

let me know what you think and what you want to see?

Papervision3d GUI (PaperFace) Team

In late January I started a project called PaperFace, it is a giant project that is an attempt to build a web-based front end for Papervision. It would allow designer to start harnessing more of the 3d power on the web, plus it could make creation of Papervision 3d scenes much quicker for developers as well.

I quickly realized that I don’t have enough time to make this thing on my own, but being stubborn, I tried anyways. Well, I haven’t had time to even really think about it for over a month now but would like to get back at it buy paxil.

What I have decided to do is to try and create a team of 3 or 4 developers to try and get this this off the ground and working, because I really feel that it would be a benefit to the Flash community. If you would like to help out, I am looking for a couple people that have experience in both Flex and Papervision viagra generique.

Here are some of the areas that we need some specific help with :
Interface Design
Flex Development
Papervision Development

If you are interested, you can check out to see the app and email me at and we can get going on this. One thing to note is that there is no compensation for the work done on this project but I would like all involved to take it seriously. It will be a good learning experience and hopefully a helpful tool for the industry.

Marc Pelland