New Portfolio in the Making

Marc Pelland PortfolioI was working on some stuff for a couple friends last night, and some other stuff for work when I decided that I wanted a little break to work on something for myself. So I got myself a beer and sat down at my laptop. For a long time now I have been planning on doing something interesting to my portfolio. I had thought maybe something with papervision and maybe something with a different approach to dynamic content. So that is where I began.

When I first created my portfolio, I did it quickly in HTML just to have something online. I made sure that the syntax was valid just in case I decided to create something to parse it with. Well that was my first step for the new creation. I used E4X to grab and parse the correct div within my current HTML portfolio. From there I just built out a little data model to grab whatever I might need from the parsed HTML structure.

Now I needed to do something with it. Why not Papervision, I have a couple projects under my belt now and just happened to update my local copy because I am using it on another project right now. So I just started playing around with the interaction and ways of displaying content.

After a couple hours I was pleased and went back to my other work. I picked it up today after work for an hour or so and would like to say I am very happy with the direction that it is taking. Let me know what you think so far.

click here to see the latest built

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