Using Papervision Object Parsers

Final Thoughts


While I had hoped to come up with some crazy conclusions about which parsers were the best, it would appear as though they have they strengths and weaknesses. I hope to look further into using 3ds files in the future because the file size was so much smaller and the performance was similar (if not better) than the compared parsers.

Tutorial Files

Here is the source for all the files that I worked with in the creation of this guide (including the benchmark tool which shows easy ways to load all of the examples):

What’s Next?

I hope this tutorial helped you out. The reason that I wrote this is because I am going through the Papervision code library and trying to get a handle for a lot of the stuff in there. I plan on continuing my understanding of Papervision by going through the library and writing more of my thoughts and some tests on what is in there.


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