Getting Started with Augmented Reality / FLARToolKit


Getting a Dev Environment Setup

Create a new Flex 3 project inside FlashDevelop and name it HelloFlarToolkit. For simplicity sake, just copy the files extracted from the download of FLARManager into the src folder that was generated. Also make sure that you copy the resources folder from FLARManager to the root of your project folder.

If you are following along in FlashDevelop, just erase the Main.mxml file, right click and choose Always Compile. You can also go ahead and delete the other 3 files in the base directory.

One last set for the environment, if you are in FlashDevelop right click on the project name and go to Properties. Make sure that you have Flash Player 10 selected under Platform and you set the dimensions to 640 x 480.

Now we are all setup to start creating our very own FLARToolKit example.


Augmented Reality uses markers to place the scene that we are going to create. Make sure that you have setup your marker, or used one of the default patterns that ship with FLARManager. As explained in the overview, you can go here: to generate your own marker.

Save your pattern file as pattern.pat and save it in the /resources/flar/patterns/ folder on your project. And make sure that you have printed out a copy for yourself to test with.

Now we are ready to use our app, once we make a couple minor changes.

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