Flash In The Can – Toronto

Flash in the CanFlash in the Can Toronto 2008 is quickly approaching, and I am getting very anxious to go. I used to attend the conference every year but missed it last year since I now live in Calgary. Critical Mass is nice enough to send me to the conference this year in hopes that i pick up a couple tips and tricks to show off when I get back. So I get to go back to Toronto!

If you are considering going to the conference, I highly recommend it if not just for inspiration. Being in the presence of the industry leaders is usually enough to get my mind going a mile a minute. Another incentive is that the great folks at FITC appear to be giving a couple last minute ticket discounts. I came across one such discount on moockblog.

While at the conference I will be attending the Papervision 3d workshop which I hope gives me the final push and confidence to start really getting into pv3d. I hope to take in a lot of the technical presentations that are being offered and I will be posting my notes and work throughout the conference.

Flash in the Can

My first Papervision test

Well, I have been talking about it with friends and co-workers for the longest time but have never had the time to play with it. The other day I found a couple of hours to see what I could come up with. I decided to create a snowboard in 3ds max and see what I could do with it in Papervision, just going through a couple of tutorials.


I plan on improving on this as I find more time to get into both AS3 and Papervision. I am hopefully going to create a little flyout in max to automate and customize the creation of the board and then add a little bit more interactivity to the board once it is in flash.