FITC – Papervision Workshop / Kickoff

I am here in Toronto and glad to be here! I left a blizzard in Calgary to come to sunny Toronto and attend the Flash in the Can conference. Yesterday, I went to a Papervision 3d workshop run by Ralph Hauwert ( who showed us just how much can be done with 3d on the internet and he was kind enough to share some knowledge and code with the group.

I can’t say that I was blown away by what I saw and learned because it was a very low-level session but I believe that I am taking away a good base to start on my own projects with Papervision. I recommend similar workshops to anyone who doesn’t know much about Papervision and would like to see what it is about and get a good understanding of what it is and how to use it.

Following the full day workshop, I attended a little function in Kensington Market with a presenter from Graffiti Research Lab ( that showed some of what they are all about and some of their latest works. It was quite inspiring to see what they have been up to and their methods.

To top off the night, the FITC kickoff party at the Burroughs was a lot of fun. The venue had a unique style that I am not used to seeing in Calgary. I had a good time talking with people from around the industry and meeting as many people as possible. It also gave me a chance to catch up with some old friends and co-workers that I don’t get to see since I moved to Calgary.

I am now sitting here on the official Day 1 of the conference waiting to hear what Colin Moock ( has to say about Actionscript 4.

Essential Actionscript 3.0 – Colin Moock

Essential Actionscript 3.0So, in light of the fact that I am going to be taking the Papervision 3d workshop in Toronto in about 10 hours, I figured that I would finally finish reading Essential actionscript 3.0. I have been trying to find as much time as possible over the last month to get through this wonderful book but haven’t had nearly enough. Turns out that a 4 hour flight from Calgary to Toronto was just what the doctor ordered.

I am forever in debt to the authors of such books and forever in awe of the knowledge that certain people have. This book showed me just how much I am behind the world of Actionscript and how much I have to learn viagra generico pre├žos.

I can only hope that with what I know now about coding and what I am learning over the next little while I can really learn to harness the power of Flash and start creating things that are exciting. This book has given me a very strong AS3 foundation to work from and I hope to be able to work on as many AS3 projects as possible so that I don’t lose any of what I have learned from reading through it.

Alternativa Platform – Beauty in 3D

Alternative PlatformI just came across the latest build (v5) of the Alternativa Platform on their blog. The latest demos are a thing of beauty! They have clearly put a lot of hard work into this engine and it is definitely worth while to take note of its power. It has some of the smoothest motion that I have come across in a 3D engine for Flash and looks to have a very promising future.

Here are their latest demos:

FFilmation AS3 Isometric Engine 1.0 – Released !

Isometric movement and interaction is something that I have been playing with for a couple of years now in Flash, dating back to my work at Trapeze in Toronto. I have been following this project along and keeping tabs on changes.

FFilmation has just released their engine along with great reference material and documentation.

They have posted everything online for your (and my) pleasure:

Flash In The Can – Toronto

Flash in the CanFlash in the Can Toronto 2008 is quickly approaching, and I am getting very anxious to go. I used to attend the conference every year but missed it last year since I now live in Calgary. Critical Mass is nice enough to send me to the conference this year in hopes that i pick up a couple tips and tricks to show off when I get back. So I get to go back to Toronto!

If you are considering going to the conference, I highly recommend it if not just for inspiration. Being in the presence of the industry leaders is usually enough to get my mind going a mile a minute. Another incentive is that the great folks at FITC appear to be giving a couple last minute ticket discounts. I came across one such discount on moockblog.

While at the conference I will be attending the Papervision 3d workshop which I hope gives me the final push and confidence to start really getting into pv3d. I hope to take in a lot of the technical presentations that are being offered and I will be posting my notes and work throughout the conference.

Flash in the Can