FFilmation AS3 Isometric Engine 1.0 – Released !

Isometric movement and interaction is something that I have been playing with for a couple of years now in Flash, dating back to my work at Trapeze in Toronto. I have been following this project along and keeping tabs on changes.

FFilmation has just released their engine along with great reference material and documentation.

They have posted everything online for your (and my) pleasure: http://www.ffilmation.org/website/downloads/

Flash In The Can – Toronto

Flash in the CanFlash in the Can Toronto 2008 is quickly approaching, and I am getting very anxious to go. I used to attend the conference every year but missed it last year since I now live in Calgary. Critical Mass is nice enough to send me to the conference this year in hopes that i pick up a couple tips and tricks to show off when I get back. So I get to go back to Toronto!

If you are considering going to the conference, I highly recommend it if not just for inspiration. Being in the presence of the industry leaders is usually enough to get my mind going a mile a minute. Another incentive is that the great folks at FITC appear to be giving a couple last minute ticket discounts. I came across one such discount on moockblog.

While at the conference I will be attending the Papervision 3d workshop which I hope gives me the final push and confidence to start really getting into pv3d. I hope to take in a lot of the technical presentations that are being offered and I will be posting my notes and work throughout the conference.

Flash in the Can

Adobe Online Developer Week

Just came across this event on the Adobe site, looks like it may be worth checking out. It is online developer week at Adobe which means (to me at least) that it is time to get some free training from them. All week, Adobe is offering some good one hour webinars that you can register for (for free). There are going to be 20 sessions in total; covering an array of products and topics including:

  • Adobe Air
  • Adobe Flash CS3
  • Coldfusion 8
  • Adobe Flash Lite and other mobile
  • Adobe Flex
  • Adobe Dreamweaver

Looks like it is worth checking out.

click here for more details

New Critical Mass site (beta)

Check out the new www.criticalmass.com . Today they launched their new beta site, it is a look into the direction that the site is headed.

UPDATE: The new Critical Mass site was down for about a week but it is back up now and much faster/smoother than before.

Sprout Builder – Create Living Content

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://farm.sproutbuilder.com/98708/load/CwCwnoKoAbJ1KkWI.swf” height=”246″ width=”225″ /]I just stumbled across a potentially useful little online application called Sprout Builder. I am going to try and find some time to play around with. While writing this little posting, I have taken 5 minutes to compile my first little Sprout app and have included it in the posting, it is very simple and could prove to be extremely useful.