FITC is done… Back to work

Flash in the Can Toronto 2008 has come to a close and it is back to the real world. I had a great time at the conference and got so much inspiration from what I saw. As always, the presentations showed that there are some people truly pushing the limits of Flash and creating some beautiful things. I got to attend all of the presentations that I wanted to which included most of the technical track.

Yesterday, Grant Skinner talked about his inspirations that drive his work. It was great to see what others do to keep their interests up when they are held back by corporate site limitations. I also managed to catch Keith Peters‘ talk about Chaos which showed how crazy the world of math is.

It seemed as though the focus of many developers in the conference was randomness, with a side of Perlin Noise. It was interesting to see the different methods that everyone uses to generate their work, and it was especially interesting to see just how much randomness their is in the works that look so precise and structured.

If you are interested in some info about the conference and what was talked about, the new FITC blog is a good resource. Most of the presenters also mentioned putting their slides online so keep an eye on their blogs.